Friday, 27 August 2010

Veg update & wasps

Its been a while since I photographed my veg and the tomatoes are ripening nicely, the peppers are producing fruit, lettuces still going strong but far too weird looking for a photo and 2 lots of beans on the way.

I seem to have a real problem with wasps getting in the house. I am catching on average 4 a day with no windows open (they look to have been painted shut for a few years!)  I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised by the wasps as a few weeks back it started to look like they were building a nest in the tree just about 3 metres from the kitchen door and what with the big gaps at some of the windows and doors you can actually see them flying at a window pane and then slipping in where the sash bit should slide open.
So far I've only been stung once.

This summer has also seen much more ants than last year, infact I haven't sat outside once with an ice cream. I think last year I only managed to sit outside a couple of times for a few minutes and that was with my legs and feet in the air due to the ants on the patio.

I'm starting to feel like summer has passed me by and I've not really done anything summery like take the kite out or go to Spurn Point and now its getting dark on a night I'm starting to feel autumn is on the way.

Maybe I'll put the kite in the car for when I go to the Hornsea Pottery nostalgia day tomorrow!

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