Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Doing bits of this 'n that

I'm having an unsettled week because the landlords have got the painters here doing the exterior windows, doors, drainpipes and they've even got them painting a plant trough. Very bizarre, its a bit of a patch up job to make it look good on the outside even though I know the windows are rubbish single glazing, badly fitting, wood is rotten, and basically if it was your own house the best thing you could do would be replace them! Landlords being landlords means they obviously don't want to part with that much money so I guess as long as I'm stuck here I have the ongoing delights of draughty windows and doors!!

So its a bit like surviving in a goldfish bowl as I haven't really got anywhere to hide in the house without a window. I am going between spending a few minutes in my office when there's no man on a ladder at the window to disappearing downstairs to my sewing machine and doing some craft work. I really hope the weather holds as they have a fair bit still to do and they seem to be saving the most horrible and huge windows while last so I hope this doesn't drag on into next week.

Been crocheting flowers for brooches and trying to do very small ones for necklace or bracelets using the lace thread and a 1.5mm hook but its a bit fiddly.

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