Sunday, 5 September 2010

Lots of coffee today

After a full day cleaning inner windows yesterday, due to the landlord sending exterior painters round next week, today was designated a rest and recuperation day. What better way than brunch at Ambiente in Malton where I had my favourite Mexican breakfast, followed by a nice Americano which was then followed by a white Macchiato (bit bland).

I went on to Scarborough after this for a stroll to walk off brunch and also to buy some coffee at Roasters, and maybe have a drink if it was quiet. Well it certainly was quiet and on this occasion Barry who owns Roasters was serving so I decided to have a drink as you are guaranteed a good cup with Barry who is a northern barista champion. I had a red eye latte which was very good and as the cafe was  quiet (it's their last Sunday opening of the summer season) even got to chat coffee with Barry. It turns out that Barry's beans are supplied by Steve at Has Bean which I didn't know but I enjoy reading Steves very informative coffee blog. Barry was also kind enough to give me a flat white on the house which was lovely.
I bought a bag of Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira to take home as I've not sampled this before.
It turned out to be a really nice afternoon and I was buzzing with all that caffeine!!

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