Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sandsend - near Whitby

Yesterday I visited a lovely little place just about 4 miles north of Whitby called Sandsend. Hadn't been before but it was a lovely bright and blustery day and the ideal place for a walk along the seafront.

The thing I liked about the place, no horrible amusements or rowdiness, it is very unspoilt with about 3 cafes and a village store. There is also the Turnstone Gallery which has a good selection of affordable art in the form of paintings, ceramics and some wrought iron work. I also found a shop in an old saw mill called Wild Hart and I knew the name as they have a place in York on Stonegate, lots of nice arty crafty gifts but a bit pricey.

Had a coffee at the Wits End Cafe which looked slightly better than the 2 seafront cafes I saw which would probably serve you a Nescafe for a coffee, however even though I had a reasonable espresso the place was very pricey. My single espresso was £1.95 were normally you'd pay in the region £1.55 - £1.70 and a double espresso was listed as £3.50 which is outrageous as I've never come across a double for more than £2. Scones were just over £2 and toasted teacakes £2.50 and I never have to pay over £2 for either of those in the cafes I visit in York, Scarborough or Brid.

Still, it was a very pleasant place to visit, lots of walking on the beach, you can go up on the cliffs on part of the Cleveland Way and I didn't find any but I believe it is good for finding fossils.

Finished off the day back down the coast, called into Burniston where the lady has the bakehouse in her shed. Was surprised to see a for sale board, she's planning on moving somewhere bigger to set up maybe a cafe or B&B. Got some lovely bread and muffins. Then went to Scarborough for a coffee at Roasters and bought a couple of bags of new El Salvador single estate beans.

The photos are all Sandsend, the bottom picture is the view looking back to Whitby with Whitby Abbey on top of the cliff in the distance.

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