Friday, 11 March 2011

Aren't pencils brilliant!

Where would we be without a pencil? I love pencils and can often be seen unknowingly with one stuck at the side of my ear. Such simple things yet such amazing things can come from a pencil in the right hands. 

My first 'proper' pencil still sits on my desk. It is my first technical drawing pencil which I got after college, I suppose that was when I warranted a bit better piece of kit than a 5p HB from the newsagents! I'm guessing it's getting on for 25 - 30 yrs old and it's still a lovely, comfortable old thing to use.

I also can't resist pencil nic nacs and one of my favourite pencil cases is this plastic pre formed pencil which is also a bit of a vintage thing these days. It was from Habitat back in the early 80's and a bit of a style icon of its time.

Even today when I use computers all the time (using a graphic pen) and when I'm not doing that I'm stitching things, I still can't get away from pencils as they even come in little button forms.

In tribute to the humble pencil I have started some prototype textile brooch pencils, the green being felt and the red a knitted one with felt for the pointed bit.

International Pencil day falls at the end of March (30th) and marks the day the pencil was patented.

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