Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Encaustic wax painting

Today I had the pleasure of combining one of favourite arty dabblings, which I don't get the chance to do enough of, with a work project.
I am designing a new range of fragrance labels for one of my customers and I think the lovely strength of colour and texture that I can get with the encaustic wax will be just the thing for the background of the labels.

The labels are also of a spiritual nature so the abstract, mystical landscapes which come out of the experimental nature of the wax should complement the themes well. 


Blossom said...

Very atmospheric! And so detailed..... ok, I know they're not, but I read so much into these, a bit like looking into flames (but not moving, if you see what I mean). How about some tips/instructions on how you do these?

patty said...

Hi B,
The thing I love about encaustic art is the fact it is so experimental, there are some skills to it but I find a lot of happy accidents come out of it. And with it being wax if you go wrong you can just melt a whole lot more wax over it. I'm going to give you a link to the site I get supplies from which has videos to explain it as it'd take me too long. It's a case of having the coloured wax, a mini iron and special coated card to do it on. I think you'll like it, click on the video section ;

Blossom said...