Saturday, 5 March 2011

Harrogate - The Bead Fair

The other main part to today's trip was for visiting the Bead Fair at the Pavilions. I'm going to be making some new jewellery which requires some decent quality gemstone beads so a couple of people had mentioned this was the place to source my beads.

It was certainly impressive the amount of stalls, some were beautifully laid out and of the highest quality. I could see how easy it was to be tempted at nearly ever stall and not until I got home and totted up what I'd spent did I realise I'd spent twice as much as what I thought I had! 
So, I'm going to be organised and photograph all of what I've bought, catalogue the costs and make sure these are taken into account when I produce the pieces of jewellery. 
Below are a few things I bought.

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