Monday, 28 February 2011

Knitted Mad March Hare

As anyone who has read my knitting posts will know, my knitting skills and ability to read a pattern are zilch, I can do squares! Crochet is different, I'm not bad and I prefer it by a long way but I do still like to dabble with knitting.
My approach is knit a square, make it up as you go along and then drag it or stitch it into whatever shape you want!
I think it's a bit like that guerilla knitting ethos where people knit squares and do crazy things like decorate telephone boxes or suspension bridges with the squares.

Anyway with March just a matter of hours away I was determined to finish the little hare I had started last week. He is one square stitched into a tube and stuffed with 2 small rectangular tubes for ears. Very basic but I like him!

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