Monday, 21 February 2011

Coastival Weekend - Scarborough

It was the Coastival weekend and I visited on the Saturday to meet a friend and visit some of the galleries. It was a foul day for weather, rained all day and was cold but we still had a good time.
Started at the Woodend gallery, saw some interesting print & photographic installations which made the most of light and shadows distorting the images. Also experienced some sound sculptures with poetry over the top which was quite spooky.
Next was the art gallery which had a super exhibition of quirky pictures by Pete Mckee

The gallery gift shop had some lovely cards and handmade jewellery.

Finally on Saturday I went to the Rotunda museum which has been refurbished since my last visit about 7 yrs ago. It is such an interesting building and the roof with the new coloured glass panels was amazing.

On Sunday it had stopped raining and as it was too cold to hang around the house all day I decided to go back to Scarborough and see some more of the festival. I couldn't find the Green craft market which was a shame or maybe it wasn't on on the Sunday.

But the highlight was seeing the street performers called Saurus. They are huge dinosaurs on stilts, fantastic costumes which defy belief of how they balance and walk. The dinosaurs make an eery noise and walk amongst the crowd scavaging for food, it was all quite bizarre and very popular. I found myself like a lot of people following them around. I found a Youtube link from a street scene in Canada which will give you a taste and you'll hear the creepy sound they make.
Its nice to have a culturally refreshing weekend for a change!

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