Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sledmere project - finished

Over the weekend I finished my work for the Sledmere project. The exhibition called 'Ways of Seeing' will run at Sledmere House from April 22nd to 17th June.

When I visited Sledmere I tried to look beyond what my eye initially sees when I entered the rooms.I found myself looking closely at surface patterns, everything from ceiling motifs, marquetry furniture, textile patterns on carpets & cushions and opulent designs on cloisonne vases. Pattern it seemed was everywhere and often an eclectic mix which flowed beautifully from room to room.

My artworks were inspired by an Oriental vase, I was drawn to the image of a bird, a popular symbol in textile and ceramic decoration. My challenge was to take that ceramic design from the vase and create a stitched collage using recycled scraps of fabric & paper, to create a heady mix of Oriental Chintz meets floral bouquet.

Much of my mixed media work will use recycled materials, fabric, wallpaper, newspaper etc. and in keeping with the spirt of that I turned the leftover scraps from the collage into a trio of brooches, each one being a wearable piece of art in its own right and paying subtle homage to the patterns I saw in this English country house.

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