Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ferens Open Exhibition - 2011

I have just received news from the Ferens regarding the 3 pieces of work which I submitted for the Open Exhibition, and I can reveal that 1 piece has been selected.
I'm not as delighted as I thought I would be.
Firstly in my rush to deliver the 3 artworks I forgot to make note of which piece was Entry 1, Entry 2 & Entry 3 so of course the letter has arrived saying Entry 3 is accepted. Well I'm not sure which piece was number 3 until I go to the preview!

My entries consisted of 2 railway style posters which I create digitally and the other piece was the large textile wall hanging I made on the course last year.

In trying to remember which piece was which, I think what I thought was my main piece, or the piece I was most proud of and put most effort into was the textile wall hanging and I'm sure I labelled that as 1. That was probably followed by 2, my large Spurn Point digital art which I went to the lengths of having  professionally framed. So, if I'm guessing right, that would leave 3. which was a small A4 artwork I framed myself in a cheapo Wilco frame. This piece, although I like it, was what I thought to be the least likely piece to get accepted over the other 2. (it was my tribute to Woolworths picture).
So, that's why there's a tinge of disappointment if my guessing is correct. Of course I'm interpreting it as they let that one through as a token gesture with it being a little diddy A4 thing and maybe my others were too big or the textile piece too complicated to work out how to display it.

Oh well, I should be pleased to have one piece recognised and not think too much of it because after all it has probably come down to the personal taste of whoever the judges are this year.
I will look forward to the preview to see the standard of entries.

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