Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spoonflower contest - Breakfast

Haven't entered a Spoonflower contest for a while and quite fancied a go at the Breakfast contest which goes live this Thursday. 
I opted to go for the simplest of designs. I sat at my graphics tablet and just scribbled whatever breakfast related images came to mind, even sausages despite being a veggie! I wanted the design to have a hand drawn rustic feel rather than a really polished set of illustrations.

From the outset I had planned to do a single colour background with white drawings which was fine until I started dabbling with colouring it and then I quite liked the coloured versions! So I really was in 2 minds which colour option to go for and I have to say I've gone for the pink as I think that sort of thing is usually quite popular, and I'm trying to appeal commercially here rather than my own colour choice.

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