Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cupping Event at Limini Coffee

Had a really interesting & enjoyable evening yesterday as I attended a Cupping Event at Limini Coffee.
The idea was to sample a selection of 5 coffees of the world, to try and detect each coffees properties of sweetness, acidity, balance etc. etc. but just basically find out the type of coffee you like.

Youri roasted the fresh green beans in his table top roaster which took about 5 minutes for each batch, we did the smelling, aroma test first and then the slurping to sample the coffee (no spitting, why waste good coffee!).

We cupped 5 coffees individually and made our comments and gave ratings, then we cupped the same 5 altogether at the end  (mixed up) to see if we had managed to figure out which was which.
I'll admit now that I did rubbish and didn't spot one of the coffees, fortunately I wasn't alone, this proves how difficult and what a skill it is. Amazingly one of the other girls on the course spotted all 5, she did so well and was rewarded with a prize of a latte art course.

It was all very fascinating, everyone enjoyed it, met some lovely people, a mixed bunch of home users and cafe owners. If you are looking for a good coffee or specialist tea in Harrogate, give Bettys a miss & check out this place as the people were on the course and they are very passionate about what they do.

As always a great event put on by Youri at Limini and hopefully they will be creating some more events in the future.

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