Sunday, 16 October 2011

Soon be cooking again!

After months of wanting the oven servicing the aga man has finally been today. It appears they are very busy at the moment hence working Sundays. It's meant wasting the day waiting in for them but hey ho, I can't wait to get cooking and baking again. I also can't wait for that warmth it will add to the kitchen.

Managed to get the old thing turned off last night and cool enough to clean this morning. Here it is, waiting to be serviced. It is slowly warming up as I type. Still going to have a microwave meal for tea and then won't get chance to use it tomorrow as I have a busy day  doing final preparations for a presentation I'm doing tomorrow evening on design to my networking group. But hopefully on Tuesday I can get back to normal.

Looking forward to River Cottage Veg tonight, I bought the book yesterday, looks to have some fab recipes inside. I can appreciate that Hugh went veggie for 6 months to see what it's all about when the veg are the main part of your meal. Couldn't see Gordon Ramsey doing this!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

You'll be able to try your garlic again!
It will be refreshing to see a TV chef do a programme without having to murder little lambs!!
Vivienne x

patty said...

Hi Vivienne
Well I quite enjoyed the River Cottage programme and I didn't feel us veggies came out too badly as the usual sandal wearing, lentil eating types! (I confess to having some big sandals and enjoying lentils tho!)
I was thinking about revisiting the black garlic experiment. This morning I have had my thermometer out and taken oven readings from each compartment and one looks suitable so I'll give it some thought.