Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween greetings!

It's Halloween, greetings one and all! This is the end of another seasonal year for me. For a year which started out on such a positive vibe, the one thing I tried to achieve, an escape to the country, has remained an elusive dream. My task now is to manifest harder that dream into a reality during the coming year.
I shall mark the day with some candle lighting and feasting.

Cute vampire box of sweeties from M&S.

Homemade almond All Hallows biscuits.

Can't wait to try these handmade Belgian Halloween choccies my sister brought over at the weekend. They look too nice to eat, toodstools, pumpkins, leaves and the little owl!
Here's to a magical day! 


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Mmmm, Belgian Halloween treats, sounds good. :)
Any witches short of a cat for tonight, I've got plenty. ;)
Happy Halloween,
Vivienne x

Blossom said...

Happy Halloween!
x Barbara