Thursday, 3 November 2011

Festive Decorations - Paperclip Ice Skates

You know how sometimes you keep seeing things, well my online browsing keeps showing me these wonderful little festive ice skate decorations, made quite simply with a paperclip and some felt. What a great idea.

As my craft fair is exactly a month away I need to make some things quickly so this looked like the perfect way to have something festive to sell.

The little ice skates I've found online are actually decorations and they are lightly stuffed with polyester filling. I've made mine a bit different by not stuffing them and leaving the tops open so that a tiny pressie could be popped inside. That way you've got 2 things in one, a decoration or a small festive gift pouch.

I have added some embroidery and fabric to make the stockings a bit more luxurious as a gift item.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

They're gorgeous Sally, what a brilliant idea with the paper clip!
Vivienne x

Polly Bussell said...

haha brilliant! fab idea, wish I had come up with that!

pollie xo

patty said...

Thanks both, sadly I can't take credit for the idea but there are lots of variations on the theme out there.

Anne said...

I love the little ice skate decorations too. They look easy to do but gorgeous to look at.