Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Almond Ricciarelli & vintage linen

Yesterday, wanting to use up some egg whites and try out a new almond biscuit recipe in practise for gifts out of the childrens festive recipe book I got last week, I realised the one thing I didn't have was the ground almonds.

I brought forward a food shop and as it was a pleasant afternoon I shopped in Brid which meant I could get haberdashery stuff and picture hooks in Boyes, I love that shop, what will I do when I eventually move to a part of the country which doesn't have Boyes shops! I did a bit of festive shopping in M&S where the Christmas biscuit tins are on offer, no trip would be complete without a quick look in the £1 and under section in one of the charity shops (more later), I took a breath of sea air and finally, the ground almonds!

Here's the recipe, if you like almonds then I think you'll like them.
This book is great because with it being for kids the things seem quick and simple, yet there are some quite nice sophisticated ideas in here when you get beyond the gingerbread house covered in Smarties!

My first batch spread and overcooked a bit, usually I'm complaining that the oven is never hot enough but it is at the moment. The last 4 came out better, I just did half the amount to try.

Time for elevenses, they taste really good and have a crispness with the egg white.

I'll finish on the subject of vintage linen. 
I went in the St. Catherines Hospice shop on Cross St as the upstairs is mainly things for a pound or less and I've had some great things in the past. I fell lucky yesterday because the linen baskets were bulging with tray cloths, tablecloths, flowery 60's pillowcases etc. 
I got all the bits n pieces below for £2, most things were 10p each, I couldn't believe it. It would have been quite easy to buy sackfuls but I had to be selective and so there is plenty left.

Brid seems pretty good for picking up vintage linen, maybe because of all the B&B's.

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a bargain with your linens and your biscuits do look yummy, I do love almonds!
Vivienne x