Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Handmade journals for craft fair

Very difficult knowing what might sell at a craft fair, each one I've done has been different or surprised me. I am trying a few different items for the forthcoming fair. I'm actually getting a few ideas out of my head which have been bubbling away for a while, I'm using the craft fair as an excuse to experiment with them. I feel like I'm racing against the clock to get as many things done as possible.
I am also making the most of this being the mildest November because once this house becomes really cold then most of my crafting will come to a stop for a few months. It gets so cold here that my hands and feet are always too cold to work and the only thing I seem to manage at that stage is a bit of crochet whilst wrapped up in layers of thermals!

So, something I haven't done before is handmade mini journals. Way back when I was at printing college in Leeds I did a segment on book binding and really enjoyed it. I have made these mini journals with recycled papers, vintage wallpaper, maps, doillies, and anything else which was kicking about. I have done some stitching and embellishing on the covers and a bit of rubber stamping.

Thought they might be useful as my bargain items at the craft fair for stocking fillers.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh I think they'll do very well. they are gorgeous! :)
Vivienne x

patty said...

Thanks Vivienne, we'll see how they go as an experiment, keep you posted.

lavender attic said...

They are really lovely - and I have just popped by your Folksy store too.
Would you let me buy 2 of the 'little book of wishes' journals? (Not terribly helpful when you're building your stall stock!!)Let me know by email
Cheers and enjoy your Xmas do!
Sally x