Thursday, 1 December 2011

First Christmas 'do'

It's December already and I'm being plunged into feeling festive as it is the East Riding Artists Christmas social tonight. I could really do with the evening for more crafting but the ERA do is usually good and a great excuse to catch up with friends I haven't seen for a while.

We are asked to donate hand made items for the auction which is to put money back into ERA. The criteria for items is usually a hand made Christmas decoration or any other thing for that matter! This year they asked for a hand made decoration in the style of one of your favourite artists so you can maybe guess what mine is from the photo below.

Its great seeing what other people have come up with and the auction is always good fun. I am also submitting some recycled paper traditional festive decorations in the form of a Yule garland and a folded fan garland.

In a similar vein I have made a felt Yule garland for the craft fair.

I hope the postman delivers some Spoonflower fabric tomorrow as I wanted to use what I've ordered to make some festive fabric lanterns for the craft fair. I think it's a long shot so will try not to think about it as there are so many other things and brooches to finish off.


Polly Bussell said...

love that little felt man with bird thing haha very creative! I LUV felt

pollie xo

patty said...

Thanks Polly, did you spot the little felt man is done in the style of surrealist artist Magritte who does the bowler hatted men with apples over their faces.