Sunday, 4 December 2011

Liebster blog award

This is new to me, the Liebster Blog Award, but I have an idea what it is now that Sally from the lovely Lavender Attic blog has presented me with it, so thank you very much Sally.

It is kind of a hug and lots of encouragement from other bloggers for bloggers with less than 200 followers, interesting eh!

The Rules
  • Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
  • Reveal your top 5 blogs and let them know by leaving a comment at their blog.
  • Post the Award on your blog (proudly! yay!)

Hopefully the 5 blogs you nominate will continue to spread the blog love.

It's difficult to just mention 5 blogs but here we go with my 5 blogs that deserve the Liebster Blog Award:


Vivienne is a lovely lady, a blogger with whom I share a few similarities so I love to read what she is up to. I can't knit like Vivienne but we share a love of cats, vegetarianism, crochet, fabric and gardening (although I currently don't have much I can call a garden)!
Viviennes blog takes you through the seasons of the year with plants, crafts, food and cats!


Matt is editor of the food for friends blog. It's a brilliant recipe resource. You can source recipes A - Z style and submit your own favourites. It's like exchanging recipes with good friends. They also do restaurant, book & product reviews and show you things you might like for your kitchen wish list and they have the odd competition thrown in for good measure.

No. 3

Lara is a German illustrator and graphic artist. Her blog is in English so well worth a look. She does lots of wonderful surface pattern designs, I love her illustration style and use of colour. Her designs are used on stationery, textiles etc.

No. 4

Poppytalk is a Canadian based blog run by a husband and wife team who use the blog to promote emerging design talent. You'll find great photos, some inspirational tutorials, projects and recipes.

No. 5

Tugbakop is an artist who combines an illustrative style using textiles. I find the work on this blog most inspiring and only wish I had found it as a reference point when doing my textile course a couple of years ago. Have a look at the amazing stitched portraits.

What a great invention blogging is, thanks to all my readers and thanks to all those whose blogs I get pleasure from reading.


Anne said...

Firstly congrats on the award!
Secondly you are in my giveaway draw!
I will be following your blog for your giveaway tooX

greenrabbitdesigns said...

And thanks to you too Sally for being so lovely and passing on the Liebster Blog Award to me!
I really appreciate it! :)
Vivienne x

Lara Brehm said...

thank you very much Sally! :)