Thursday, 22 December 2011

Today has a yellow theme

I had one of those moments in a charity shop yesterday where something was sitting on a shelf just waiting for me to buy it.
How about this super groovy vintage coffee set.

I love the colours and the simple, floral graphic design. The pots are Seltmann Weiden porcelain from Germany and that's about as much as I know, not sure of the era despite the fact they look 70's.

Continuing the yellow theme. I have set aside today for baking as I'm preparing foodie gifts for some friends pressies.
I started blanching some citrus rinds yesterday ready to turn them into crystalised rinds dipped in chocolate.

It smelt like marmalade which I hate.
The rinds have now gone through the syrup stage and are spread out to air dry. Only one problem, I don't think there's anywhere warm enough in this house to get them all dried and crystalised and chocolate dipped for tomorrow when I deliver my gifts.

I tried to speed it up by putting it in the plate warming oven of the aga but that only seems to melt the syrup and make them sticky again! Oh well, they look pretty, I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed. If they are not ready I'll keep them and jar them for cake making. 
Off to roast spicy nuts now and make white chocolate truffles.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe I hope they're ready in time for you after all the effort, they do look good!
I've baked all I'm going to, today I'm supposed to be cleaning the house but I find I'm very easily distracted, that's why I'm on here!!
V x
P.S. Great coffee set by the way, I would say definitely '70's!

Anne said...

The coffee set is 70's I think too. Sounds like you have been busy today. I am baking too, had some walnuts to use up so thought I would make a date and walnut loaf. Its baking now and the smell is delicious. Hope your choc dipped oranges turn out ok and are ready in time X

grace said...

I love, love, love the coffee set - what a find! Your gifts look lovely, home made is the best x

patty said...

It sounds like we are all busy baking and stuff so hope everyones 'makes' are turning out ok. I"ve given up with the citrus, keeping it for myself now.
I think it's a resounding yes to my coffee set being 70's.