Monday, 26 December 2011

Is it all over yet?!!!

Christmas boredom has set in and we haven't even had the TV on, anyway I'm back at my desk processing some xmas photos.

I don't really get excited about Christmas anymore, that in part is due to my life being at a transition stage where I want to move on to a different part of the country and start a new lifestyle. As some will know, I live in a rented cottage & a lot of my stuff is still in boxes so as I can't get all my trimmings out, it never really feels festive here. This is the second year I haven't made the effort to locate my tree and so my alternative christmas tree this year has been an Ikea metal stand with a few of my favourite decorations which friends have given me over the years.

Christmas day itself was nice and quiet and went to plan with a brisk morning walk around Scarborough, I took Bob the Bunny because he hadn't been before.

We started at the south cliff end, coming down the cliffs towards the beach and past the beach huts.

Bob had a look through the glass into the Spa. It was all very nice and quiet and quite unusual not to see all the glowing lights of the amusements, must be the one day of the year when it all grinds to a halt.

We walked back to the car a similar route but de-toured through the Italian Gardens so that Bob could see if there were any fish in the ponds.

Time to go home now and prepare a festive lunch!

I took an alternative, stress free option for Christmas lunch, every year I seem to spend hours in the kitchen preparing but this year I decided would be different. No cooking as such and all the vegetables would be eaten raw apart from the new potatoes. Have you guessed what I prepared, .... I did a cheese fondue! I have to say it was really enjoyable and despite the thought of cheese being a bit unhealthy, it felt quite good dipping in raw mushrooms, cauliflower, carrots, celery, parsnips, and then a few new potatoes!
For once I wasn't over stuffed with food and managed a bit of pudding.

I realised I hadn't opened the presents and there were some lovely things, some people had taken on board how cold it is in this house so I got some lovely thick socks, fluffy slipper boots, scarves. Chocolate vampires and other tasty treats.

An interesting selection of fat quarters.

This Mrs Beetons cook book which has been revised and brought up to date by a guy who I was at school with which is why I think my mum got me it. It's a nice book but being a vegetarian half of the book will be redundant as there are pages & pages of meat, fish and poultry. That said, I've found some nice pudding, bread and jam recipes which I'll be able to try.

Thankfully it has been mild. 


BeckyWise. said...

Scarborough looks lovely. I would love to live near the seaside and your lovely knitted bunny bob is adorable! Did you make it? I am a vegetarian aswell and love Mrs Beeton. Would you mind sharing a recipe of two? ;)
Lovely Blog
- Becky from TheYellowButtercup blog.

patty said...

Hi Becky, yes Scarborough is quite a nice place, I'd love to live within walking distance of the sea as I find it therapeutic.
Yes I knitted Bob, I'm not much of a knitter, I can only do squares and Bob is made from a rectangle for the body and 2 small ones rolled up for the ears.
If I find some interesting recipes in the book then I will reveal them on the blog.
Going to hop over and take a look at your blog now. Happy making!

BeckyWise. said...

I've tried out knitting before but I always get holes in my squares where I've somehow forgot to the link the wool.
With the recipes in mind that would be great! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

lavender attic said...

Hi Sally
Lovely Scarborough bunny photos, I love the beach huts. I bet it was really calm and quiet...heaven! Slightly crazier here, and no time to blog just now... Think will need to plan my detox and weight loss plan too!. Stay warm!
Sally x

patty said...

Hi Sally, Scarborough on Christmas morning is so quiet, completely lacking in families with children, I guess they'd be inside with their pressies. It was all couples, dog walkers and old people pottering about.
Detox.... now there's a scary word as i sit looking at piles of chocolates and tins of biscuits!!
The mild spell is helping to take the chill out of the air inside. Have fun x

Anonymous said...

Mild!! It's possitively warm, it's been the warmest Christmas in 168 years here in NI!
Lovely to see Scarborough and the beach huts (love them), roll on summer.
I have Mrs Beeton too, she does like her meat and other gruesome stuff!!
Love the new fabric especially the cats, looks just like our Polly. :)
Big excitment here yesterday as our daughter and her boyfriend got engaged in Paris!
Hope 2012 finds you where you want to settle!
V x

patty said...

Hi Vivienne, yes it must be mild because I've ditched the vest and long johns for the time being!!
I had to skip a gruesome page in Mrs Beetons when I saw a tongue.
How exciting you'll have a wedding to plan and make things for. Here's to a great 2012, x

Personable Pet Care said...
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