Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Festive Blog Giveaway Time!

At last I hear you cry, Santa has been and deposited his sack of goodies for my Festive Blog Giveaway.

This is a first for me so the festive season seemed a great time for me to sprinkle my own bit of seasonal stardust out there in Blogland. It marks a bit of a landmark too as I'm approaching the 3rd year end of sticking with a blog.

Anyway onto the gifts and if you've read my previous posts you'll know that I can only do the giveaway amongst my UK readers, unfortunately due to high postal costs I have not been able to offer the giveaway to any overseas readers on this occasion.
I have a dozen gifts for you to choose from and I will randomly pick 2 people to win. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post before Sunday 11th, 7pm in order to take part. If you can't think of a comment how about just telling me what arty or crafty things you'd like to find in your Christmas stocking.

Have a look at the gifts below, you'll see a number on each picture, if you can give me a first and second choice number, that way if I get 2 winners with the same number I can go to a second choice option.

Good luck folks!

Here are the gifts:

1. Here's one of my fabric heart brooches.

2. My Nutcracker Man cut and sew kit

3. I made this wallet as a test piece, the inside fabric sections are all vintage fabric

4. This is a selection of my own art cards, mostly Christmas ones

5. Here are 2 of my mini journals and appropriately a pencil brooch with real pencils!

6. A recycled fabric corsage brooch

7. This is a pack of fabric scraps, about half of them are vintage fabrics, I may pop a couple of samples of my own design fabric in too, plus you get the little embroidered tray cover at the front of the photo.

8. Bean There - Vegetarian Cookbook. My friends used to own Bean There the veggie cafe in Bridlington and they produced this book with some of their most popular dishes. The book is brand new, they gave me a couple because the stitching down the spine is not brilliant and they are prone to pages loosening. It has some fab recipes.

9. This is one of my mini cupcake creations, it is a ring pincushion and allows both hands to be free when sewing.

10. A handmade pouch purse in natural cotton with a cat embellished on front and back.

11. I can't really knit but I make these little rabbits from squares so here is a little lady rabbit with a cute dress and hair slide, plus I've chucked in one of my fabric coasters.

12. Finally, you get 3 things here, a Fabric Mountain pincushion, a lavender heart and a page marker for bookmarking your craft books!

Feel free to tell any of your friends who might like to join in the giveaway to make it a bit more competitive.


Jo said...

What a wonderful giveaway. I have put a link in my sidebar. Although I'm not vegetarian, I have an allotment and grow lots of veggies so I'd love to win the cookbook as my first choice. My second choice would be the mini journals and brooch, I love stationery. I'm also having a giveaway at the moment so don't forget to pop across and comment to enter. I've only just discovered your blog so I'm going to have a read back through your posts now.

patty said...

Hello Jo, nice to meet you and thank you for joining in, thanks also for putting a link to my giveaway. I will hop over to read yours later.
Best of luck!

Country Girl said...

Very generous! I have just found you through Lavender Attic and would love to enter.

Lynnda said...

me, me me, I love all your stuff but especially like the fabric and the No 12 bundle.
Hope you are having a great season so far

patty said...

Hi Country Girl, thanks for joining in, maybe pop back and tell me which 1st or 2nd choice option you'd like to win.

Country Girl said...

Lol, sorry. 1st and 2nd choices are the pincushion ring and the corsage. I have put a link on my blog too, hope that OK.

lavender attic said...

Hi Sally
I am sooo indecisive! I like them all but especially the fabric (7) and the bunny (11).
Many thanks for my lovely journals which arrived today, have just done a blog post about them, and this giveaway. Thanks x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a very generous giveaway Sally.
I've been up and down that list trying to narrow it down to two!!!
I think my first choice will have to be your gorgeous journals, I do love them and second choice the veggie cook book, I think! :)
Thanks again for the chance to win,
Vivienne x

chrissie said...

What a wonderful giveaway and how hard to choose two items. After much deliberation I have chosen:
9 the cupcake pin cushion which would be so useful.
7 the fabric scraps can be used in so many ways and it's always interesting to see other peoples choice.
Thank you for the chance of winning. X

BeckyWise. said...

Hello, I love you blog its great! And this giveaway is wonderful, too hard to choose! I love sewing and love collecting brooches, they are so cute! So I love no.1 the cute heart brooch and number.9 the sweet cupcake pin cushion ring. I would love to win x Becky x

Dazie said...

Hello I have just stumbled upon your blog from another blogging buddy and wow such gorgeous makes.

Its so lovely of you to do a give-away and although I am a bit late in the game I will pop a linky on my side bar anyway,

Hmmm what would I choose, well that's difficult I love the handmade pouch purse (number 10) and I also love Number 12 the fabric mountain pin cushion is gorgeous!

Thanks so much for the chance to win and I look forward to more of you posts in the future.


patty said...

Thanks all for joining in, this is a better response than I hoped for and a day to go still!

Anne said...

Hi Patty, I wonder why my comment didnt post? Anyway if I was lucky enough to win number 1 and 7 are my very favourites but I have to say I wouldnt mind any they are all lovely. X

grace said...

Wow! I love all of these things, presented so beautifully as well. I would love to find bits of gorgeous scraps of fabric under my tree and the time to create something special out of them! Beautiful things.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Hi, just found you via Lavender Attic. What fab givewaways. I would be sooo happy with any one of these. Good luck with your first giveaway. I'm a fairly new blogger but oneday, will definately be doing a giveaway! Going to have a good look around your blog now. Suzy x

patty said...

Not long to go now. As I've littered this post with a few comments of my own, I won't be using the random number generator but instead I will be putting all the names into a bag. If anyone hasn't specified a first or second choice gift then I will ask for your choice if your name comes out.
Results later tonight!