Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Rare Hornsea Pottery charity shop find

I had one of those exciting moments in one of my local charity shops at the weekend.
Last week I had seen this little piece locked in a cabinet of the shop, I couldn't see the base stamp, it wasn't familiar to me and although the shop had labeled it "Hornsea £10" I wasn't sure about that so came home to investigate it in my book and rarity guide.

Couldn't find anything on it whatsoever so decided to go back to the shop on Saturday, ask to see it to confirm it was Hornsea and then make a decision. Yes it is a Hornsea piece but I don't normally buy that type of thing, more favouring the stylistic pattern designs of John Clappison, but I had a feeling about this mini tankard and the stoneware felt nice so I bought it. 

Having got the tankard home safely for more research about what Burns Cottage is or represents, I'm not much further on and all I have gleaned from the article below is that Burns Cottage was on the site of the current Hornsea Museum and that this piece is probably quite rare. Someone turned up at the recent nostalgia day with one and mention of another one is in the museum collection. I may find out more next time I visit the museum.
It's quite nice to think that as a Hornsea Pottery society member I was in the right place at the right time to salvage this piece.


Also on my travels at the weekend, I bought this damaged Eastgate Fauna jug for a couple of quid. I really don't like the fauna items and was pleased to say I had non in my collection up to now but there is method to my madness. The society have asked me to design this years Hornsea Christmas card and I'm having a few ideas, one of which might involve this bambi jug!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe, I love the bambi jug!!
Vivienne x

Richard said...

The bambi jug is awful!

patty said...

Interesting, I see the bambi jug is having the Marmite effect!

Justine B said...

Your 'Burns Cottage' cup seems to be souvenir ware. This little cottage was the birthplace of Scottish poet Robert (Rabbie) Burns and is located in Alloway,Ayrshire,Scotland. The numbers printed on your cup refer to the year he was born,and the year he died (1759-1796). Burns Cottage is now a small museum.

Sal said...


I hope you don't mind me writing, but this blog article popped up in a Google search for 'rare hornsea pottery', which I was interested in after a charity shop find this morning here in New Zealand.

I was lucky enough to find a lilac lidded Leaf design pot - Horse Chestnut - and have been trying to find out more about it.

If you know anything, or could provide links to your society, that would be great.

Although I'm English, I knew little about Hornsea except the animal figures and brown 70s kitchen/tableware until today. I don;t know much more now, but I did instantly love my leaf pot. It's a beauty.

Kind regards,

Sally M