Monday, 3 October 2011

My weekend

It's been an odd few days, by Thursday night it was decided my work computer was unrepairable most likely thanks to the power cut by nPower (complaint letter in the post).

Friday..., couldn't do any work so decided to make the most of the unseasonally nice weather and went to Whitby, always best to avoid Whitby on a weekend but with the weather so sunny it was just as busy on Friday. Bit too hot for me in the open sun but a walk up the steps to the abbey and that was quite breezy and the narrow shady snicket ways were nice and cool.

Saw this lovely cat lounging in the shade and getting a stroke and attention from anyone who passed her! What a life!

There are some interesting shops and galleries in Whitby, the usual black jet shops, goth & hippy shops, plenty of charity shops but I didn't find much to tempt me on this occasion. Other than this delightful little birdie necklace from the Ruby Tuesday shop which had many things to tempt me!

I had to take a picture of this bag, one of my friends think I have a direct link to Willy Wonka's factory as I'm known for sourcing unusual & retro sweeties, what a reputation eh!

Saturday was expensive, had to buy a replacement computer for work. All the weekend has been taken up retrieving files, backing up and setting up the new Mac. It will take me a few days settling into the new system. Change is good but it takes time to get back up to speed.  It also signifies the end of an era, I can no longer run Quark as my version is too old, my scanner and printer are too old to install drivers to run them so I hope to find a printer in the not too distant future.

For a bit of relaxation I quickly made a lavender heart for relatives 60th wedding anniversary this week.

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