Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Weather Good, Life Bad!

What a rubbish week I'm having, it seems so unfair as the weather is beautiful outside and would normally lift my spirits.
The trouble with working on your own is not having other work colleagues to let steam off with when life starts playing nasty tricks.
So the blog is a good place for that.

Since about a month ago there have been noises in the loft, and unfortunately it's mice, one of my pet hates, as is any pest when it's in the wrong environment and in my living space. What with the 2 wasps nests, the revolting spiders in this place and now the mice, I've had enough. We have been setting traps and so far have caught 9 which is more than when they were here 2 years ago. The problem with the mice, even if you wipe them out the house has so many holes, gaps and places they could return that there's not much you can do and especially when it's not my house. I feel like I can't go away for a few days even if I want to incase they get out of hand or worse get in amongst my craft stuff which would be the absolute worst thing.

Anyway pests aside, yesterday was a nightmare, an unexpectedly power cut off happened at 7am and was off for 8 hours, so stopping work. My mobile was also dead so I was completely cut off from the digital world so I headed off for the library to use a computer, not great as I'm a Mac user and they only have pc's. 

I didn't bother with any work when the power came back last night so it was this morning when I discovered another problem. Despite having a power surge socket on my computer, the force of the power cut yesterday has done something to my work Mac and I've not been able to use it all day, infact the disk may be damaged and typically there's not been a backup for quite some time. Great, just when I've got loads of urgent jobs to get finished!

An hour since the last paragraph and my Mac expert has dissected the disk and we have some life and have managed to do a backup. Not sure how stable the computer is after all this and maybe when it gets turned off it won't come on again but won't know til tomorrow!

Signing off for coffee fix now!

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