Monday, 5 September 2011

This weeks Spoonflower contest

The subject for this weeks Spoonflower fabric design contest is Bowling and it didn't really grab my attention at first. But at the last minute I had an idea for a design which is taking the theme bowling fairly loosely and adding a bit of artistic license!

Somehow bowling balls reminded me of atoms (goodness knows why!), atoms lead to atomic and then before I knew where I was I was doing a very rough scribble on my Wacom of a 1950's inspired atomic fabric.

I've created it in a few colour options, the one I have entered into the contest is the pale coloured one bottom right.
Oddly enough, to say I threw it together very quickly, I seem to be getting some lovely favourable comments from the Spoonflower community and I'm quite pleased with it so I reckon I will get some samples printed.


Anonymous said...

Now this is gorgeous Sally. I would be very hard pressed to pick a favourite colour though, I love them all!!
Vivienne x

Richard said...

Brilliant, once again!