Sunday, 18 September 2011

Scarborough & Sledmere exhibition

It was a lovely misty but bright morning so had an early start in Scarborough. The mist soon burnt off and it was sun and blue skies all the way.
One of the cliffs in the distance looked lovely with mist still surrounding it, sort of looked like it was shrouded in dry ice.

The donkeys were still on the beach, doing their thing.

It was really quite warm. Lovely blue sky over the Grand Hotel, and the gardens and architecture looked great.

I couldn't resist this next picture, I used to love Sooty, I had a Sooty puppet and a Sue but didn't get a Sweep and  I wanted a Sweep because it had a squeeker in it! This looked like quite an old machine down by the amusements.
Don't worry I didn't embarrass myself and have a go!

Scarborough done with by lunchtime and came home via Sledmere to visit the touring exhibition of litho prints by Matisse, Chagall & Miro. Particularly enjoyed the Matisse paper cuts and the Miro but despite being prints they were hugely expensive. 

By the afternoon it was chucking it down and we've had a few ripples of thunder too.


Anonymous said...

Your first photo is stunning Sally, love the sparkle on the water.
I would definitely have had a go at the Sooty and Sweep machine! Sweep was always my favourite, I always felt he had a bit of an edge to him, the other two were too good! :)
Vivienne x

patty said...

Yes your right about Sweep, he was a bit of a rascal wasn't he! I was a bit disappointed the christmas when I got Sue instead of Sweep. I had Sooty one year and then the next year on my christmas list I put Sweep and I also wanted a Basil Brush puppet but opened a parcel and there was Sue! She was a bit too wet for me so I think I used to be cruel to her and used Sooty's wand to turn her into frogs!
Maybe I'll try the machine another time, if I dare!