Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Blustery in Hornsea today

I was at the dentist today in Hornsea, goodness me it was windy & wet. I was crossing a road at a junction when a gust of wind came from nowhere and nearly took me into the air.
After a chat with the dentist, mad Scotsman, and a quick dropping off (not buying for once) of some stuff to the charity shop I went down to the prom to see the sea.

It was a stormy sky with a black band of cloud, the tide was coming in, the North Sea was very muddy close to shore as it crashed in but there was a hint of blue on the horizon. I couldn't resist going on the beach to chase waves and get my feet wet!

I finished up with an ice cream, well you have to don't you as it's the seaside, it was nice but the cone as you can see was one of those cheap tasteless ones.

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Anonymous said...

The weather is a bit wild, I was just beginning to embrace autumn and then we went straight to winter!!!
Cone aside, the ice-cream does look good. :)
Vivienne x