Thursday, 16 August 2012

Camping fabric of many colours!

I finished my camping fabric the other day, although once I'd done the initial one with a cream background...

I started to try different coloured backgrounds and then it became difficult knowing which one I preferred!

There were even more options but anyway I had to choose one to enter in next weeks Spoonflower contest so I applied some logic and chose a green one which can be grass green the caravans are pitched on!
Here is my entry.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well if I had to pick one........ it would have to be them all!!!! :)
Sorry Sally I'd be no help at all, they all look great!
V x

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Patty

I do like the caravan original...different. I like the purple background as well as your choice

keep well

Amanda :-)

lavender attic said...

Hi sally
Love them all - you could make a fortune it's so gorgeous!
Sally x

patty said...

Thank you lovely ladies. Sally I wish I had your confidence!!! I do intend to make this one saleable so I'll see how it looks when I order some printed swatches.

Anne said...

They are all gorgeous Sally, I do like the green one though, but the blue one is lovely too, or maybe the yellow??!!!!

Sandra McInnis said...

Love this! Do you sell this fabric? I know the post is old but I really like it. thanks, Sandra