Thursday, 2 August 2012

August - Robins update

Over the last month or so, the other male robin who I called Imposter Robin has also disappeared from the scene, like Robbie did, leaving just Ruby. She's not completely on her own because in the last fortnight 3 youngsters have emerged from hiding in the bushes.

They really have got huge appetites and it's easy to tell when it's feeding time as there is so much squeeking outside.
Ruby has been very good bringing these 'kids' up alone and when they are all hanging around her squeeking she dishes out the food quite equally.
She's starting to look a bit ragged though, she must be exhausted bless and she's molting.

On that picture above she seems to have lost her tail feathers overnight and it makes her look quite small and I think she's feeling a bit vulnerable.

You can see on the pic below, yesterday, she still had tail feathers.

Here are some pics of the babies, I think they are bigger than Ruby now, I didn't manage all 3 on the same shot but they're very cute and friendly.

I fear I may have to stop putting the food out now because I was stood in the garden this morning and a mouse ran in and I'm very concerned about mice returning to the attic as they freak me out.

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

Baby robins are just the cutest little things.I had a close look one year when I rescued one from a cats mouth, it all ended well though and it was safely returned to it's mum, thankfully!
I have seen other adult robins at this time of year and they do look a bit bedraggled perhaps that's how it is.
Maybe the males do go away after a while perhaps Robbie is safe and well somewhere, let's hope so!
V x