Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bob has been to Bridlington

Sunglasses at the ready, Bob has had a little trip out to Bridlington for some lovely veggie food & coffee.

This has been one of my few trips out recently and we managed to park quite near the door so I didn't have to walk far.
Our destination was The Little Organic Bakery & Crema espresso bar at No. 12 Wellington Rd,

Here we are sat in the gallery bit looking through to the outside eating area waiting in anticipation for our food.
Wow here it is, a beautiful black olive tart, herby nut & cheese roll with some delish salads.

All washed down with a Yirgacheffe pour over, absolutely lovely and great to catch up with the wonderful Wheelwright clan who run this place.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Always a good sign when Bob has the sunglasses on. :)
Delicious looking food!
V x

Anne said...

Ah he's a real Judith Chalmers is your Bob, always off to the seaside!!

patty said...

Anne, fortunately Bob is not that strange orange colour Judith is!
He does like to feel a bit of warmth on his paws and whiskers!

lavender attic said...

Hi Sally
Sadly I didn't get to the coast last week, so sorry I missed the lovely food and, of course seeing Bob again! I will email you later x