Thursday, 12 July 2012

Recent handmade gifts

I think it's safe to reveal a few things I've made friends recently as they have now been delivered.
Firstly a little embroidered cotton envelope for housing a small gift, hankies, etc.

Next we have some crochet, can you believe I finally finished a crochet project! Bright coloured bunting to cheer up a wet summer!

And lastly another embroidered envelope which houses one of my little handmade notebooks.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I just love those little embroidered envelopes. :)
Great crochet too, we need all the orange and yellow we can get although we have lovely sunshine today!!
V xxxx

Amanda said...

Hello Patty

I am your newest follower and I just had to follow you when I saw these original and delightful embroidered envelopes. Unique!!!!
This is my hello to you and now I am off to explore your blog some more I have a feeling I'll find some exciting things :-)

Keep well


patty said...

Hi Vivienne, yes hoorah it's sunny here today, can't believe it! Maybe we should crochet ourselves a big sun face to look at when it's not out.

Hi Amanda, it's lovely to have you here and it's quite a milestone as you are follower 50, yippee! Thank you for the nice comments about my envelopes, hope you see a few interesting things.
I'll pop over to your blog now.

ravi said...
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