Monday, 9 July 2012

National Slate Museum

I'm finally posting my last day of my recent Wales trip, it's been quite hectic with work so there's been a lack of blogging!

Here we have Caernafon Castle, it was a grey wet day, it made the castle look very menacing! Caernafon was a lovely place with a nice harbour area. Although I did have a particularly bad coffee and dry bit of cake at the Galerie bar on the marina and the service was miserable. Even with bad coffee (it was the over-roasted illy type stuff & the milk steam wand was dirty & encrusted with burnt milk) and stale cake, a smiley faced waitress would have made all the difference to my view of the place as I believe customer service is second to none.
Rant over.

Onwards and upwards to what proved a fantastic few hours at the National Slate Museum in Llanberis. The museum has free entry and I find these sort of old industrial sites most fascinating.

Lots of displays, exhibitions and a film to watch. There are the slate workshops, joiners workshops, workers cottages to go around, water wheel, mini steam engines, so much that I have far too many pictures to post.
Here we have a slate splitting demonstration by an ex slate miner, of course he made it look so easy!

Loved these old cogs & wheels.

Taking a wander outside the museum is just as interesting. You don't have to climb far for some fabulous views of the surrounding vista with Snowdon in the distance.

These steps lead up to the slate factories hospital building.

Below is the hospital.

This is the view from the top of those steps.

It would only have been better on a lovely sunny day but we really enjoyed our visit.


Anne said...

I remember going to Caernarvon castle the year after Prince Charles was invested as Prince of Wales. ? 1969, anyway, it has brought back some lovely memories reading the post.I have still got a mug to commemmorate it.

patty said...

Hi Anne, that's a lovely thing to remember and I expect your mug is quite collectable now.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Wonderful scenery Sally, I'm sure Bob was so glad he got to go on the trip!
V xxxxxxxx