Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I've had a bad foot which I rested for most of last week and then went for a little walk yesterday but it became increasingly sore and I ended up limping back to the car. 

I tried to get a doctors appt this morning but the system is pretty useless for our surgery, you can't book in advance for the next day. You can only ring on the morning for appointments on that day. Of course when the lines open at 8am it's busy and engaged, by the time I got through at about 9 mins past 8, they were fully booked which would mean I have to try and ring again the next day, it's mad, it's another reason why I hate going to the doctors as there's always a hassle getting a slot.
Or, you can try your luck sitting and waiting for the first 2 hours for the duty doctor. I went for that option and fortunately got sorted after an hour.

It turns out I have Plantar Fasciitis, for those like me that didn't know, it's the ligament which runs along the foot to the heel which has become inflamed. It is common in the 40 - 60 yr age group, mainly in women and quite easy to do but can take some time (up to a year) to fully rectify. I've been told to rest for a fortnight and see how it is. There are exercises to do, future recommendations of heel supports and appropriate shoes.

The pain started with a twinge after wearing my new walking boots and at the time I thought the arch in the boot was a bit high. The doctor said this will have done it and stretched the ligament, quite common for footwear to do this. Apparently people who wear heels don't usually suffer this afflication, well given that I live my life in flat shoes, flat boots, flat anything, it probably explains why this high arch has done it.

It's so frustrating and inconvenient. I don't mind staying in but I hate losing my freedom more than anything and I'm not a good patient when it comes to being told to rest and relax. 
Oh well, at least I can still work and make things, and lets face it, summer is so wet and miserable that I'm not missing much being stuck in the house!

The doctor recommended Fitflops, they look quite groovy too so maybe some good will come out of this.



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh they do look cool Sally. :)
Any excuse for some new shoes, eh! ;)
Seriously I do hope it heals soon!
I though it was the other way around and wearing high heels were bad for your feet?? I live my life in Crocs!
Vivienne x

lavender attic said...

Oooh poor you, I sympathise...Totally agree about the shenanigans to get a doctors appointment; that's why A&E's are used inappropriately. Is there a walk-in (excuse the pun) centre near you? Hope it improves soon x
PS Lots of time for blogging!!