Monday, 4 March 2013

Some pretty pastels to welcome Spring

I've seen a glimpse of Spring at the weekend, I went to Scarborough on Saturday and the sun was shining beautifully. In fact, sat in the glass conservatory area of the Spa cafe having tea and a teacake (teacake warning: they heaped loads of greasy butter on) was really very warm. 

There was a re-use and recycling craft fair at the Scarborough Spa and it was something I wanted to visit as I'd been invited to have a stall and stalls were free, but I had to decline as I didn't have the public liability insurance they needed.
I was pleasantly surprised by the stalls, some lovely handmade things, nice quality, well presented and packaged. A few stalls with bits of fabric and haberdashery to tempt me, people spinning wool and paper making. Really good that it was free entry and you got a cotton goodie bag with some recycled pencils and a cup.

I've been making some sugary coloured bunnies like Bob this week.

I also found some nice pastel coloured bits of haberdashery in some local shops this week. Like this easter ribbon, notice the green rabbit which I think Vivienne will like!

We also have a few bits of pretty fabric and I am very excited to say that I've taken the plunge and ordered a new sewing machine. Clothkits had a 25% off sale last Thursday and as they stocked Janome machines and had the one I wanted, it seemed a no-brainer to stop reading reviews and just buy the thing!

I love this retro style note pad my friend bought me, seemed quite appropriate as March is coming in like a lamb so far. I'm sure when I was a small child I used to have a little tin bath or a rocking horse or something with this lamb image on.

To finish off the weekend I went to York yesterday as there was one of the vintage fairs in the Merchant Adventurers Hall. Not as many stalls as I've seen before and the downstairs section had a lot of food this time, jams, sweeties, fudge, biscuits. 
I just bought this small pack of nicely decorated ginger biscuits from the Gingerbread House at Whitby as they looked to have made a real effort with their stall.

Upstairs it was a strange mix of some very expensive silver jewellery stalls, designer type stuff, I'm really not sure what that has to do with vintage! A family portrait photographers stall, a lady trying to sell you into some sort of York shopping card for the designer outlet, again, I don't think that sort of thing should be there.
A few clothes stalls, bits of haberdashery and handmade cushions and more of those cake stands and fruit bowls they make from old records. I really don't like those, they seem impractical to clean with the record grooves and you can't see the paper disc of the middle of the record if you actually use it for fruit. To be honest I didn't see anything as unusual or creative as I'd seen at the Scarborough fair the day before.

Looks like the weather is picking up a bit this week, and for more confirmation that Spring is on the way, I've been observing 2 rabbits burrow digging and taking dried grass and moss down for nest building.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe baby bunnies! Hope your friend the stoat stays away!!
Sounds like a good weekend Sally, love the new fabric especially the tape measure one and you're right I love the ribbon, really pretty. :)
I too hate it when craft/vintage/antique fairs are filled with sellers which are anything but!!!
Happy new week,
V xxx
P.S. love the sugared almond Bob's :)

Anne said...

HI Sally, wasnt it a beautiful day on saturday? I can imagine it was a great day to be in Scarborough.
The little lamb decoration reminded me of something too, I cant think what though.Maybe one of my brothers had a cot with a similar motif. Its pretty cute.

patty said...

V, thought you'd like that ribbon!
I hope Mr. Stoat stays away until the baby bunnies near me have gone.

Anne, that might be it, a panel on a cot with the little lamb.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Love the pastel 'Bobs' and I adore the rabbit ribbon. Having Tea and Teacake in the glass area sounds lovely, I can almost feel the warmth! xx