Sunday, 24 March 2013

A winter week on Skye in pictures

I spent last week in Skye, it seemed a real effort to go away at this chilly time of year but it was worth it. Encountered some snow just north of Glasgow on the way up and then narrowly avoided the worst snowy areas on the way back down although there were lengthy detours to avoid the A66.

The weather in Skye was very good, bright, chilly days and the hotel was warm and absolute bliss compared to this cold house, I didn't have to wear my long johns or vest, how amazing is that!
(I'm wrapped up like a Michellin man since coming back but I still can't get warm).

I'm keeping the words to a minimum and showing a few of my snaps. The landscape was very parched but colourful non the less in a yellowy, brown sort of way and heather burning was taking place on the hills.

Pic 1, edge of Cumbria on the way up

Pic 2, 3 and 4, Glencoe

Pic 5 and 6, looking towards 2 pinnacles known as the Old Man of Storr in the Staffin area

Pic 7, the single track, snaking road up the Quairang mountain range, this area is very recognisable from the film Stardust

Pic 8 and 9, at the top of the Quairang

Pic 10, this is a "stitched" together panorama of the Quairang

Pic 11, just spotted from whizzing by in the car, the turf roofed house featured on Grand Designs last year

Pic 12, leaning Celtic cross in a church yard

Pic 13, beach combing at Elgol, found some lovely sea glass

Pic 14, panorama of Elgol

Pic 15, panorama of Skye bridge from Kyleakin

And lastly, just a couple of little purchases, some lovely fabric and some handmade ceramic buttons.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Amazing photos Sally. Glencoe is breathtaking.
The weather doesn't seem as bad as further south, strange as you would expect it to be worse!
V xxx

Shaheen said...

Stunning pictures, thanks for sharing your journey, brings back memories for me of my travels and life in Scotland up until recently as you know. I have to say though, as cold as it is I am not missing the snow,bbrrrr. Loving your new header.

Shaheen said...

Ah wanted to add, shame a bit that i am not in Glasgow because we could have met up too. I have a feeling our paths will cross one-day. x
Have a good week.

patty said...

Ah thank you both for the kind comments re: the piccies.
Shaheen, I've only ever skirted around the edge of Glasgow, it's probably too big and scary a place for me these days but I always wanted to go and visit the Rennie Mackintosh places and see the Glasgow School of Art and how lovely it would have been to see that little kitchen you turned out all the great food.
Keep warm folks x

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Patty,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.

indeed impressive photos....I didn't know that they filmed Stardust in Scotland .......I will look more carefully when I see the film again.
I'm impressed by the starkness and what looks to be parched terrain but it can't be parched as its obvious there is plenty of water. I wonder why the grasses are that colour. Its attractive though, certainly draws attention.

Have a great Easter break!

Amanda :-)