Tuesday, 2 April 2013

An Arctic Easter!

Well that is going down as one of the coldest and most miserable Easter's ever.
We've all had such a cold and unseasonal Easter but mine went rapidly down hill on Good Friday when the oil was lower than we thought and the aga has gone out of it's own accord. So, the only room with any bit of ambient warmth, kitchen / diner, was plunged into the chiller zone! That also meant I've had to create what food I can from the microwave or camping stove.

I was a bit miffed I couldn't do any nice Easter baking or food and it's going to be like this until I get more oil which is the end of the week and then I guess at least another week before I can get the aga engineer to come and do the service and switch it back on. Anyway the blooming thing was on it's last legs again and needed servicing so maybe I wouldn't have been able to bake.

Despite the cooking situation I did manage to make a nice soup yesterday and I will share that in my next post as I remembered to photograph it as I was going along.

Hope everyone else had a nice long weekend. :)


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh no, poor you Sally! If the weather's bad usually you can snuggle up inside and indulge but when that's taken away from you, things aren't good. Hope fully you'll be out of that situation soon. You need to eat lots of chocolate, that's an order!! ;)
V xxx

Louise said...

It has been a dismal Easter weather wise. Hope you get the Aga sorted. Its definitely soup weather, as I write I have some simmering in a pot, daughter says it smells disgusting, charming!

patty said...

V, things are improving, I now have oil and the aga man can come as soon as tomorrow which is fab, and I've scoffed a creme egg tonight, whoop whoop!
Louise I'm sure your soup was lovely, often the ones which smell like sweaty socks are often the best!