Saturday, 27 April 2013

Festival of Vintage, York Racecourse

I made a last minute decision to visit the Festival of Vintage, based on the weather and OH working today. So pleased I braved the showery weather as it was equally as wonderful as last year.

I got to meet some of the ladies who produce the excellent Pretty Nostalgic magazine and I treated myself to a bargain rate subscription, and I got their lovely Home book for signing up. This is going to be a joy to receive every couple of months.

Between the showers I snapped a few of the amazing cars with all their chrome, tails and fins shining.

Don't this couple look impossibly stylish and next to that great car too!

Maybe not quite as many home or furniture displays as last year but interesting all the same.

Ceramics were out in force, quite a bit of Hornsea pottery, this was by far my favourite stall. The stall holder was from Leeds and she shared my passion for Scandinavian ceramicists, she also had fabric too, my kind of stall!

This was the piece of fabric I bought from her stall, it's so groovy.

Click off now if you don't like textiles!

I thoroughly enjoyed the display of vintage textiles by

Lots of screen printed work by Hull Traders, Eames and some lovely old Laura Ashley pieces, mega bucks if you wanted to buy Hull Traders work.

This was some of my haul from their stall, bit of Laura Ashley Emma and some pretty floral.

From another stall, this groovy piece and pretty pins.

At this point my purse was screaming and my head was so overwhelmed with colours and pattern that I decided to call it a day, it was fabulous.

Thank you for sticking this out, apologies for photo quality but the lighting was challenging and here are a few final snaps!
Do go to this event if you ever get chance.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Goodness aren't those cars just amazing!
What a brilliant day out, love your fabric buys, actually the first one reminds me of curtains we used to have at home when I was little!
Those kitchen presses, so sought after now, always make me smile because I can remember a time when people were glad to be rid of them and get fitted kitchens! :)
V xxx

Louise said...

gosh so on my doorstep,I havent heard about this, and now I am disappointed I missed it, It looks amazing, and just my cup of tea.

Anne said...

We were out that way yesterday Sally but had all the grandchildren with us. I did notice the signs and thought it would have been great to have visited. Oh well! Maybe next year!!

lavender attic said...

Hi Sally, I've just been with Laura today, I enjoyed it too and we spent up...I bought some fabric, a vintage was a lovely day. Well worth a trip!
Sally x

patty said...

Vivienne, I remember we used to have some brilliant curtains when I was a child, I've salvaged a few but most were thrown out I think.
Louise, you must go if you get chance, it's worth the £8 entry.
Anne I think the grandchildren probably enjoyed your fun day better than all us women oohing and aaahing over the vintage fabric & buttons!
Glad you made it Sally, hope you show us your purchases on the blog.