Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Small cake and craft event on Friday

I'm having a stall at a Cake Break event on Friday afternoon to raise some funds for MS.

This is a good opportunity to take some of my sample and test pieces which I like to sell cheaply as I quite appreciate times are hard and people don't have a lot of money to spend on non essential craft items. 
I'm sure if folks come along and have some cake and buy something for a £1 they'll be quite happy.

This is my basket of bargain, £1 items.

I'm also taking a few new things to test the market with. These are some fibre felted needles cases.
I have used recycled wool jumpers, felted some fibres in and then machine embroidered before shaping into the cases.

These are not very original as I saw some crochet apple coasters like this on Pinterest and thought I would do a version as a brooch.

I have lots still to finish off and label and then there's a cake or some buns to make too, busy day tomorrow!


Anne said...

I hope you sell lots of things Sally and raise lots of money!! Good luck.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Hope you raise loads of money Sally!
Your makes are lovely, I especially love the apples. :)
V xxx

grace said...

What lovely makes and a great way to test the waters. Hope you do really well x