Thursday, 9 May 2013

A design which has evolved into a skirt

Way back in 2009 or '10 when I was on the textile course, I doodled some plant like ideas using Honesty Pods as the theme. These became a stitched piece of textile imagery using threads, sheer fabrics and solufleece, see below

From here I then turned the work into a digital format which I made into a repeating pattern, see below

I'm not convinced that the repeating pattern was terribly easy on the eye and therefore I didn't develop it further but I did still like the overall feel of the Honesty Pod imagery.

So, last autumn I approached Skye Batiks with a slightly simplified version and said they could use it if they thought it would work printed in the batik style. 
To my delight they said yes and hoped it would turn into something for this years collection.

And here we are, only about 6 months later since the batik artists got hold of it and worked their magic, my design has evolved into a range of wrapover skirts in many colours. Last week I was over the moon to receive the purple and blue skirt you see in the photo.

Beautiful quality as always, thanks Skye Batiks.


Louise said...

how exciting for you. I absolutely love the initial design, especially the mushrooms. You should have them framed.

patty said...

Thanks Louise, I haven't developed the mushroom idea, it's just a design in a portfolio at the moment, one day!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Congrats Sally, it looks great!! That is very exciting getting your print made up!
I too love the mushroom design!
V xxx

Anne said...

Its lovely Sally x

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Oh wow, they are just beautiful! hmmmm I could be tempted here, or I could drop quite a few heavy hints as it's my birthday next month! I do love the design and I also love wrap around skirts so it's a winner for me. Getting back to birthday, my sister has actually ordered me a bag from Skye Batiks. x

patty said...

Thanks all,
I'm sure your Skye Batiks bag will be lovely, they are very strong and colourful.