Friday, 3 May 2013

A nice afternoon to start the Bank Holiday weekend

Today I was up bright and early making a second batch of buns for the craft fair as I'd had a bun disaster the night before. I tried a new bundt baking tray thing and everything stuck and the buns wouldn't pop out so this morning I stuck with good old fashioned fairy cakes!

I finished packaging my crafty wares and set off at lunch time ready to blast off at 1.30pm. The Cass Hall in Driffield was a lovely little venue, nice and bright and airy.

How spooky is this, I met 2 ladies from Blogland, Tanya who had organised the event and Louise from no. 23 blog, it was great to put faces to names. I should've got photos of the other stalls but I only remembered to take a shot of mine. Louise makes wonderful little bears and animals with very detailed accessories, she had a pig with a handbag and in it an ipod! Tanya had some very quirky pincushions with mini 3D structures on them.

This is my stall.

I also met Kath from Little Houndales Knits, her stall had some luscious wool and groovy needles with big polka dot bobbles on the end. Kath has her own range of wool from their sheep, soft and delicate colours.

I bought these cute mini 10g balls of wall to make a few crochet flowers with, a great way to experiment with this patterning wool.

I did quite well for a small event like this, lavender bags went well, textile brooches, sheep brooches and pincushions.  I think they did quite well raising funds on the cake sales so hopefully a good afternoon for all and a nice way to start the long weekend.

I came away with this sweet little cup of flowers, have a nice weekend everyone, looks like the weather will be kind to most of us.


Rustic Vintage Country said...

Fairy cakes look yummy scrummy! x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Great looking stall Sally, glad it all went well for you!
Have a wonderful weekend , hope your right about the weather!
V xxx

Anne said...

Pleased everything went well for you Sally.Your buns look really good!

Crafty in the Med said...

Very attractive stall Sally....I assure you I wouldn't have let a stall like that pass me by!
Do hope you sold lots.

keep well

Amanda :-)

Louise said...

It was a good day, nice to meet you. I came away with far too many cakes. Loving your pincushion I bought.