Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A cold trip to the seaside

Bob and I had the pleasure of going to Hornsea on Monday as I had a dental appointment, I like going to the dentist as he's good fun, although it's tricky laughing when your mouth is clamped open!

We then went for a stroll on the prom although it was rather chilly and windy and difficult to believe it's late May. Some brave souls were on the beach with ice creams but we had a car picnic instead.

I hadn't been to the north end for a while so these were new to me, some sort of compartments with sensory gardens in them and wildlife information boards, I imagine quite nice on a sunny day.

Monday finished with our monthly networking group of ladies at the pub in Bishop Burton, lots of new faces so good to see numbers picking up.

Tuesday I went to the opticians, I don't like going to the opticians, not because of the optician who's different every time at Specsavers, I just don't like the eye tests, that puff of air gets me. It turns out I hadn't been for 5 years as they'd forgotten to send my reminder and I didn't think it was quite that long but it was.

I also find it very difficult to get used to new glasses, last time I opted for the second pair of sunglasses and another pair and basically I didn't wear them. I was convinced the prescription was different in the extra pairs although they said not when they tested them after I couldn't get used to them. It just means lots of money was wasted with 2 extra pairs I never used.

Anyway I spent almost 3 hours in there yesterday choosing frames, I wanted pretty much the same as I had got used to in shape so that I didn't have to spend ages choosing but things have changed such a lot and I've finally picked 2 fresh sets of frames. This Red or Dead one is going to be the main pair and then I went for a second pair of reactions.
Fingers crossed they are going to be ok.


lavender attic said...

I was in Hornsea 2 weeks ago and sat on the beach in the sun having some Sullivan's chips! Can't believe the weird weather - a bit of everything!
Charity shops were good as always. Hope you're well. Oooh choosing new face furniture is soooo stressful isn't it? They look lovely though, very trendy.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Bob will have to have his hat and scarf soon on at this rate! It's bloomin' freezing here today and we've got hail stones coming down.

Shaheen said...

Fingers crossed you get on with your new specs. I am due for both a optician visit and desperately need to go to the dentist, ESP as my fillings has fallen out of one of my chewing teeth. Problem is time, but they do say your teeth and eyes are the most precious, I better hurry or I won't be smiling long

Crafty in the Med said...

BOB looks cold!! poor thing!
I hope you've got better weather now and getting some of the sunshine we finally have here.

Gosh! I so hate dentists the one I go to is Ok but even if he danced a jig in front of me I don't think he'd get a smile out of me. Poor chap he hasn't got the most popular of professions by any means. :-)

keep well