Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Cooking and crafting in purple!

Purple is my favourite colour although aubergines are not my favourite vegetable. Infact I pretty much stay away from buying them or eating them after only remembering they tasted nasty when I found them in something a few years ago!

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, after all, this is someone who hated sprouts for about 30 maybe 40 years and I've embraced them in the last 5 or 6!

I think I've mentioned before that Morrisons in Beverley have a wonderful selection of exotic veg, usually at least 4 varieties of aubergine in shape and colour which do look tempting. Now if only a recipe presented itself that I quite fancied...... ta dah! A recent offering on the Allotment 2 Kitchen blog run by Shaheen, had a lovely little recipe that made me want to buy one of those aubergines.

There's no point in me repeating Shaheen's words so here is the link to her recipe if you fancy it


I bought this very pretty Graffiti Aubergine and this equally gorgeous purple pepper

These are some stages in production

And this is prior to tucking in, wobbly photo due to being pretty hungry and itching to dive in!

Verdict: it was a very lovely curry, easy to do and the aubergine was pretty much hidden so nothing was wasted and I'd say a good result for me. The only tiny bit which could be improved, and this is a criticism of our poorly performing aga, the oven isn't capable of getting hot enough to roast the aubergine at the high temperature to give it that charred bit of taste so it was a tad soggy and still with the aubergine taste. However  I think I've embraced my inner aubergine and I won't be put off by it and come the glorious day when I have my own nice oven, the sky will be the limit!

One other tiny purple thing. I have my gran's birthday party this week so here is a little card I made. It seems to be all birthdays this month with a 50th afternoon tea bash in a few days also.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

My Hb doesn't like aubergines either, so we really don't have them either. I don't mind them and quite like moussaka.
Thanks for the link, will have a look, the food does look delicious!
I have to admit to having never seen a purple pepper, that veg almost looks to pretty to cut into.
Happy birthday to your Gran, the card is beautiful!:)
V xxx

Anne said...

I'm not a big fan of aubergines either Sally but they do look so pretty. If I have ever made a moussaka I use sliced potatoes instead. Your curry looks delicious though, I adore spicy food!

Louise said...

That looks scrummy, I do like a curry. A big congratulations to your Grandmother, 103 what a good age.

Shaheen said...

Firstly congratulations to your Grandmother - what an age - wow what that woman has seen in her life. Wow. Your handmade card for her is delightful.

Like you I love the colour purple and am wearing it a lot more now, than I did in my youth - other than the lipstick! So pleased you liked the dish and thank you sooooo much for the link to my blog. I have eaten purple peppers once in my life and that was when I was in Glasgow, will have to try and seek them out while they are still around. I was never much of an aubergine person, but have only come to like them over the past few years, secret is cooking them well. You must try and make some aubergine bhaji's/pakoras, just follow a traditional potato-onion recipe and add some thinly sliced aubergine to it. I think you will like!

patty said...

Thanks all, we had a lovely 103rd birthday party at the old folks home and it seemed to lift a lot of the oldies spirits when a singer did those old WW2 songs.

Aubergines, seem a bit like a love and hate thing and Shaheen I know I would like the bhaji pakora idea, if the oven is hot enough! :)

Shaheen said...

Oh you don't make these in the oven, you either deep fry or shallow fry them. V. moreish,.