Thursday, 1 August 2013

Fabric for competition & more butterfly fabric

Thanks to everyone who joined in here and on FB in helping me decide which fabric to enter into the competition. The one with the most votes was the above which I've called Retro Pixel.

This particular competition is this weeks Spoonflower contest but it's a bit different to normal because the winning fabric is to be used by a US clothing company with bigger bucks at stake. After a week of voting it will go down to the top 10 before a winner is revealed, I'll keep you posted!

I'm also waiting for samples of a new fabric I have designed, again butterflies seem to be quite popular with me at the moment, this is called Butterfly Waltz in pink, maybe more colours will follow when I see the samples.

The weather looks promising today making me think summer is still here but I'm really noticing the nights drawing in. I'm doing a lot of sewing on a night and I've noticed I'm struggling with the natural light by 8pm and it feels like I've lost an hours evening sewing time since July, grrrr!
Hopefully it will stay nice for the weekend as I haven't really been anywhere much for months and I feel the need for a bit of culture (not the theatre or ballet I need to point out, not my thing at all!) I reckon a gallery and a change of scenery will suffice.

Have a nice weekend everyone. :)


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lots of butterflies, all beautiful!
I could see your butterfly waltz in duck egg blue but then I see everything in duck egg blue!!!
The weather is pants here today, nothing but rain and I agree the evenings are going! :(
V x

Shaheen said...

Good luck with the comp. Please do keep up posted. I love the butterfly Waltz fabric.

Re your comment on my blog early, I will be hiding the post as my husband says its not good to open your heart on the blog, you never know whose reading, if you get my drift. But just in case you miss the comment I left I have cut and pasted it below

Thanks Sally. x
I've committed to do a couple of supper club there. Did one last month successfully, Signed up for another end of this month. The process is a bit more transparent on how it works and how much you get (only thing I noted the people who attended the supper club where mostly the people who worked at the venue, so knew what a good deal in way of a meal they were getting), so I may not continue with that after August as its not helping me in the way of promoting myself as a veg cook. I honestly open my heart out, be all enthusiastic, honest and people, still take advantage - hurts more when you feel vulnerable and in need of an income. I hope your right that something else comes up. I filled in a job app this week and am actively looking for other opps.

Anne said...

Both of the fabrics are gorgeous Sally. I wish I was a fraction of creative as you! I do know what you mean by the light though, the nights are definitely drawing in.

patty said...

Thanks all for the lovely comments re: butterflies.

Shaheen, thanks for keeping me up to date with your note I had missed yours as I've been away for a few days but yes I get your drift. Good luck x

BeckyWise. said...

I love the fabric, your designs are so cool!
- Becky xox