Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Summer Bank Holiday weekend

It's still a lovely sunny week but I can't help feeling now that the last bank holiday before Christmas has  gone, autumn is just around the corner.

I made the most of the long weekend and added last friday to it with a trip to York.
Nothing much on the agenda other than a potter about, some nice coffee and good food. I'll share a veggie eaterie which hasn't appeared on my blog before because it's about 5 years since I last went.

The place is El Piano on Grape Lane.

I hadn't been for a while because the tapas style menu used to be rather complicated and I did feel the portions had diminished slightly on that visit 5 yrs ago but I'd heard good things about it recently and decided to go back.
So pleased I gave it a second chance. We sat in the courtyard outside under a shady brolly.

The food portions were more than ample and it was more delicious than I ever remember, just wonderful and such a relaxed setting.
Below we have coconut dhal, mixed vegetable tempura and salsa salad.

My dining partner had spicy soya meatballs, falafel and a potato and dill salad. This was a particularly filling plate full! We couldn't manage pudding, shame as they sounded yummy.

Really enjoyed El Piano and it's back on my list of top veggie eateries.

My next trip out over the weekend was to the vintage fair at Brid Spa. Only got there for the last hour and a quick look but the stalls were very good and things were not too silly prices.

Here's what I picked up, some fabulous 60's material and a brightly coloured Yorkshire t-towel which I shall turn into something.

My last trip of the weekend was to Hornsea on Monday, started with a lovely, almost Mediterranean stroll along the prom.

Then to the Hornsea Pottery Nostalgia Day (it had run all weekend), and by all accounts had been very successful which is great news. Helped by a celebrity dealer to do valuations on the last day.
I am always amazed at how much pottery still exists in the form of dinner sets in immaculate condition. It's great for anyone wanting a vintage tea set or if you need replacement pieces.

This year saw a tribute to the designer John Clappison whose work I admire, with some rare unseen pieces which I found interesting.

Of course I did make a little purchase, these 2 mugs in a design I hadn't seen before, it is called Floret and I believe dates back to the 80's. They have a lovely mat exterior which I like.

Quite a nice weekend. :)


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love the new mugs and your lovely sixties fabric.
That meal looks absolutely delicious! :)
V xxx

Anne said...

Love York so much Sally! I havent tried that restaurant, I dont know why but we have never been to a vegetarian restaurant before. They are probably more tasty and inventive than others.
My mum is still using some of her old Hornsea pottery!

Shaheen said...

I envy your trip to York, I've never been and had planned to visit it when we lived in Scotland, but now back in Wales - I don't know when I'll ever be up in that direction. I have heard of El Piano from the Vegetarian magazine and it would be on my list to each should I ever venture in that direction. I must say I do like the look of your dining partners plate. And I am liking your mugs.