Tuesday, 3 September 2013

It's going to be a long week!

I'll try and sound positive and say the week has got off to an interesting start, can you tell it's going to go down hill fast!!!

Firstly, something lovely. A very talented bag making lady, Michelle, bought some of my vintage style fabric and sent me a picture of this beautiful creation she whipped up in no time.
I'm impressed, I've never tried to make a bag with one of those metal clamp bits, looks too fiddly for me.

There are some wonderful bags on Michelle's website, she seems to find some interesting and unusual fabric to use. If you fancy a look here is her site.

Eventually, I received some new Spoonflower samples which now allow me to sell these latest designs, we have another camping fabric in khaki and the butterfly waltz fabric in pink.

Onto something I'm not really liking, although in another breath, it needs doing badly.

The roof, the tiles, the holes. It's 10 weeks since I told the landlords about the problem and they haven't communicated any response or update to me since. But guess what happened yesterday morning as I was clearing up after breakfast, a van of builders appeared with scaffolding! I knew nothing of their arrival, how nice of my landlord to let me know! How nice of him to check if it was convenient! What if I'd been on holiday, would he have let them in in our absence ! 

It's great that the roof might get done whilst the weather is still favourable and that will be a big worry off my mind as I daren't leave this place for prolonged spells of heavy rain, and I'm not mad with the builders although I do hate having workmen round but I'm really miffed that my high and mighty, snooty landlords can not even be bothered to pick up a phone or leave me a note in the postbox to say this work is about to commence.

I feel better now I'm ranting!

It looks like a big job as the roof is in such a state, they have been 2 days now erecting scaffolding and drilling it into the walls, the noise is bad.

But not only is the noise bad, it feels like I'm in a gold fish bowl, it's so intrusive as they are working on the side of the house and walking along the scaffold past every room I occupy during the day as I work upstairs and down in here. 
Both toilets are starting to feel out of bounds, again the scaffolding is at that level and the toilets have thin glass and no frosting and my nets don't offer much privacy. I'm limiting my drink intakes, at the risk of becoming dehydrated!
My friend said I did right not to appear too friendly and offer the workmen cups of tea or it would delay the work. 

I'm normally quite friendly I should add but this type of enforced situation on the assumption that I am in all the time makes me seethe! Ok so they are not exactly in the house, unless they need to check for any rot in the attic but they are having to trail a cable in for their tools. This place is so weird that there is no power outside or in the garage so we are having to let them use our electricity for the repairs and you can guarantee the landlord wouldn't even consider paying us for that.
Of course, I'm not happy having to have a window open a bit in view of mice. Living in a farm cottage means there's a lot of grain about right now as they are finishing harvesting and with it the mice will start to get active.

I will bat on as best I can, it needs doing, that's what I keep saying to myself!

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

You have my sympathy Sally, I hate having 'men' in the house! A bit of a cheek using your power though!!!
Love the bag, your fabric looks great. :)
V xxx