Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Craft fair in Warter next Sat & making things

It's very noisy here as the proper work has just started on the roof but I'm trying to plod on with work and crafts. 

I think this will be the only craft fair I have time for this autumn winter but it sounds a really lovely event as an apple theme runs through.  It is in the pretty village of Warter near Pocklington in East Yorks and the village is quite unusual for round here as they have a few thatched cottages.

I have made a few new brooches

and I'm taking a few festive things to try out, these are Victorian style paper decorations which I've made from old books stained with tea and bits of ribbon.

these are lavender sachet decorations which I've also launched as cut and sew kits in my Folksy shop, I call them Bobbin Baubles


I'm going to be making some chocolate tiffin for the cake stall too.

On the theme of nice things to eat, I made these wonderful little no bake, energy ball, carrot cake bites which I found on the A2K blog. I will link the details below. They are a great little snack when you need a slightly sweet and nutritious pick me up and when a cake would be just too naughty!

Don't be fooled if they look a little like a bird seed ball, they really do taste lovely if you like this sort of thing.


Better get back to the drawing board, not nearly as much daylight making time these days and starting to feel chilly!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love the carrot brooches....very cute! :) The bobbin baubles are a clever idea too, as are the stockings, everything should go down a treat at the fair!
Hopefully the noisy workmen will be finished soon!
V xxx

Shaheen said...

I read about your roofing issues in one of your previous blog posts, and of your inconsiderate landlord going ahead with the work without consulting you, so I do hope the work is not that far from ending. I can only imagine its frustrating when you feel you do not have any privacy in your home.

Onto your crafty talents, which you know I admire. I am especially loving those little carrot brooches. You know I am a sucker for such things, I have some of your crafty bits on my wishlist and this carrot brooch is now on it too. Good luck with the stall, I wish i was there to browse it in person.

Thank you so much for the link to my blog re the no bake carrot bites. I am so glad you enjoyed them. Yours look super duper too.

patty said...

Thanks for all the sympathy re the roofing, it's nearly done, yippee!