Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Salvage place with a difference

Last weekend I visited a former flax mill which has turned into a salvage showroom and an occasional venue for arty crafty workshops.
Here it is, it's called PASH in Easingwold.

I had wanted to have a nose around as I heard they had things I particularly like from the printing industry such as the printers wooden type trays and hot metal type and sure enough they did have some. The type trays were a bit battered and I must admit when nothing has a price on it I'm a bit reluctant to go asking incase I then feel obliged to buy. I'm such a coward but had I seen any prices on anything then I would probably have had a bit of an idea if it was a sensibly priced place or not.

As is often the case, these places can sometimes be a bit dark so I don't have many pictures.

I took this one because I remembered these clock, timer things from school days and they quite intrigued me, wonder if anyone else recalls them.

And then we have this picture, not taken for the lights but for the wonderful assortment of old tiles on the floor.

They hold some interesting sounding workshops, for example coming up is a hand stitched paper glove and shoe workshop with recycled papers, rust printing, and lantern making, sounds wonderful.

It seems the grey weather has returned and I'm getting ready for cold weather with a couple of new purchases delivered by postie today, Buffs. These are really versatile and make into scarves, hats, balaclava's, basically everything you could need for life in a cold house like ours!

I also had a new fabric sample back from print today, ditsy flowers in pink and newly listed for sale in my Spoonflower shop.

Come back blue skies and sun!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I remember those clocks from school too Sally! :)
I hate it when things aren't priced, always makes me a bit wary!
Love the little print! :)
V xxx

Louise said...

That looks a really interesting place. What shame you didn't enquire on the price, they may have been affordable.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

What a fascinating looking place. I don't like it when things are not priced and they must lose sales because people don't like to ask. x