Friday, 26 July 2013

Fabric design for competition

I'm back, 2 posts in a few hours... goodness me!

I am trying to get any feedback on which is the preferred design out of these 6 I've created, would be great if anyone can be bothered to express a preference. Of course, I may throw caution to the wind and go with my instinct but here we go.

The design is not my usual type of thing, the subject was to design in an 8 bit pixel style, that is those little pixelated images used on computer games, the simplest one to give you an example is PacMan graphics. The critera was to design a fabric to be used in trendy clothing for young people, I've gone along the lines of 'groovy' and colourful.

Here are my 6, brief description:
1. embroidered flowers, stamps and butterflies collage
2. flower power girl
3. paper sculpture
4. velvet leaves
5. paper butterflies
6. vintage bobbins

 These pixelly things are not easy on the eyes but you have to suffer for your art sometimes!
Any comments would be fab, thanks folks. x


Anne said...

They are all gorgeous (although I did click to enlarge and found my eyes went a bit boggly Sally!). My own favourites are the bottom two and the girl design.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

They all are great Sally! I do love all the butterflies and I love the colour in the paper sculptures but if I had to pick only one then it would be the bobbins, they're brilliant!
V xxx

lavender attic said...

I'd pick the Bobbins if it was for me, but think the paper scupltures is right for the brief.